About Us

Mission Statement

We want to elevate the wisdom of humankind by opening up people’s minds to the collective knowledge housed here on earth and across the universe. Elevated Wisdom will do so through thought-provoking courses and the exploration of various forms of energy work.

Our unique journeys have, at times, been easy and at times challenging. Today, many of us are questioning our existence’s whats, whys, and hows. The hunger to learn more and find your true calling or path to enlightenment has led you here.

Together we will work toward clearing away the obstacles in your path, both past, and present. We will advance your thought processes, liberating you from the noise of everyday life. With our help, we will break down the walls of your existence and show you the limitless potential you possess as a child of the universe.

Company Background

Elevated Wisdom was founded by Debra Carter and Kerrie Clift. This mother-daughter duo has a vision of the future where we are no longer plugged into the “Matrix”. This new world would give each person the opportunity to align with and identify their true calling. Joy, love, and peace would be experienced by all. To get to this place, we need to ascend as a species and as a planet. Debra and Kerrie founded Elevated Wisdom and Elevated Explorer to help others find the keys to their personal ascension that will in turn help Gaia to ascend.

They realized that the only way their plan could come to fruition was to take a leap of faith and create a partnership. As compassionate and energetic souls who are eager to assists others’ personal journey and development, Debra and Kerrie have been building towards this endeavor for the past decade. They are now excited to share their combined experiences with other individuals.

Debra Clift Carter

From an outsider’s perspective, Debra looked like she has had it all for many years. Her college education and steady well-paying job provided her a taste of the American Dream. However, from her perspective, she was overworked, in debt, miserable, unfulfilled, and empty inside. She knew there was more to life than 15-hour workdays, stress, bills, and the demands of a so-called “successful” life.

As a survivor of corporate America, Debra Carter no longer believes in the limitations placed on humanity by individuals who are in “power.” She is a mother of three wonderful children: two daughters, and a son. Debra has attained a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and had been in the insurance industry for more than 39 years, serving as a director for the last decade.

Since her awakening, Deb has dedicated her life to becoming the best person she can be.  She has gone on an extensive healing journey and is now a Soul Alchemist, an Akashic Records GateKeeper,  a Reiki Master Teacher,  and a Spiritual Mentor.  She also teaches a wide range of classes and courses and hosts retreats!  In addition, Deb has been a frequent guest speaker on From Heartache to Joy, an international healing Telesummit featuring acclaimed Energy Workers from across the globe, since 2019 offering programs on soul healing, abundance, manifestation, and personal power.

In her many corporate roles Debra has been an event planner, mentor, coach, public speaker, and trainer which has provided her with many opportunities to help others learn and grow. She has also had the chance to deal directly with customers, medical professionals, and hospital administrators. This has given her an insider’s perspective on how the health care delivery system works and how it can be enhanced.

About 10 years ago, Debra began to open her eyes and see things from a different vantage point. She has an ever-growing appreciation and awe of how energy works and how it can be used to help each of us achieve our desires. Debra is now a Certified Registered Master Teacher in Usui, Lemurian Light & Reiki of the Atlantians, Money Reiki, Karuna®, and Sekhem Seichim Reiki systems. She is also a Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner, a student of Lightarian™ programs an Oracle Card Reader, and can offer multiple forms of energy work, coaching sessions, and training for her clients. She has studied a wide range of energy modalities and completed courses offered by local and internationally known practitioners. In 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2021 Debra has had the honor to bring her “Awaken the Abundance Within” Program to Eram Saeed’s From Heartache To Joy International Telesummit.

Together with her eldest daughter, Kerrie, Debra facilitates spiritual retreats through their travel company, Elevated Explorer. She can also help you plan for and arrange a wide array of travel experiences from business, to weekend get-aways, to a well-deserved Trip of a Lifetime.

Kerrie Clift

While still in high school Kerrie began searching for the meaning of life. Her journey led her to discover Wicca and the peace and harmony that this way of life promotes. Over the past 14 years Kerrie has explored the beauty of Gaia and incorporated the teachings and symbolisms of Wicca in her life.

Kerrie opened her design and construction company more than 9 years ago, after graduating with honors in only 3 years from the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design. She and her husband have renovated and restored numerous properties in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.

Kerrie has long had a passion for redefining urban living and incorporating a healthier and more holistic approach to how people live within the confines of city life. Incorporating natural materials and aspects of the great outdoors with modern design elements such as clean lines and bright airy spaces are her trademark.

Reducing clutter, clearing negativity, and other Feng Shui principles are all part of Kerrie’s designs, leaving her clients with a freshly energized space to call home.

She is looking forward to manifesting a new community of like-minded individuals who live, work, and play together in energy-efficient, Gaia-friendly, health-conscious, and joyous neighborhoods where they can raise their families.  She also has a passion for crystals and jewelry making and has created many inspired and unique designs.  Kerrie’s crystal grids, bracelets, and necklaces are available in the Elevated Wisdom Shop along with her handcrafted feather fans and smudge boxes.

Here is what some of our Clients have to say!

“Debra is the epitome of wise woman. She carries an air of mother to all and is able to easily bring people into her warmth to help them on their journey. She cleared the space at our business after we had a narcissist employee who took advantage of us. There was a noticeable difference in the energy there after she did so. I have no doubt that beyond that person’s energy; there was a deeper cleaning that happened thanks to Debra. She is also one of the most professional energy healers I have met. Her background has positioned her to be able to navigate the world of energy while maintaining a classic respectability and sophistication.
Additionally, I recently visited Debra and Kerrie’s Elevated Wisdom booth at a local event and purchased a lovely box of crystals for my daughter. It is obvious they choose their products with great intention and love and are able to present them with class and care. The booth was expertly done. I would highly recommend Elevated Wisdom to anyone who finds their way to them as Debra and Kerrie’s gifts and service are profound.”

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Debra for well over a year. She has provided guidance in handling situations with a unique perspective on multiple options in perception of the situation and use of unconventional approaches. I had the opportunity at work in dealing with a difficult person and not allowing the anger to be direct upon those meeting with this person. I was really amazed at to see the results. In addition I have had the opportunity to seek out her assistance as a Reiki practitioner. All I can say is just “WOW”. I was having pain in my shoulder and arm and with one session the relief was amazing.  I am glad I was brought into her path. She has helped to enlighten me spiritual as well as in my career.”

“Over the years, Deb was able to change the dynamic of the department I worked in and was able to negotiate positive outcomes with upset clients/customers.  She removed negativity Which impacted my well being and my situation changed and my dream job found me.  With her help I focused my energies on my personal development so that I had the skills to leave familiarity and enter a new phase of my life which has had great outcomes.  Recently Deb did a cleansing on my condo and changed the stuffy, dense atmosphere to be lighter and brighter.  She removed the entity that was attached there to move on.  I can’t thank Deb enough and I truly believe in her gifts.”

“You are an inspiration! The Money Reiki course has taught me to view finances differently and begin to heal my own issues with money. Your success is a testimony in itself to the truth of the powers and skills you possess. Of course, having worked with you in other areas such as Reiki and Readings, I already knew of your gifts.”

“I have used your services over the past few years and have found the pain relief and grounding that I so desperately needed.  From the time that I was diagnosed with cancer to the multiple challenges that I faced this past year as well as in the management of my chronic pain, I have found a number of services that have helped me.  The one that I valued the most was the one on one time we have spent on physical healing, clearing as well as energy work.  I feel that you have taken the time to know me and this has allowed me to reap the benefits.  I can’t wait to start taking more classes on-line.  I know that 2019 is the turning year for me!”

“Deb has a passion and knowledge that is profound.  Whether it was an Akashic Records reading, helping to clear negative unjustified Karma, releasing negative entities, clearing my property & closing portal ways on the land, or a much needed Reiki session Deb was committed to helping me understand the process and she answered all my questions in a manner that I could comprehend.  Deb is truly a gem and I’m not certain what I would do without her in my life. She is definitely one of the brightest stars in the sky!”

“I was experiencing the most unsettling time in my life…worried about everything. This type of fear was caused by the constant fear of my past.
Deb was able to identify critical areas I needed to address and make peace with. It was healing in a way I’ve never experienced. All of my negative thoughts and fears were erased. I had hope, calming feeling.  I was able to smile.
This (Violet Flame) meditation freed my brain and allowed me to move forward knowing I deserve good things & positive energy.

Thank you Deb!!! I will be forever grateful for you.”

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