Booking Services


Elevated Wisdom offers a wide range of services to assist you on your personal development path.  Some of the services are interactive, while others allow you to relax and absorb the positive energies that are being transmitted to you.  No matter what service you are drawn to and indulge in, you will find that are are changed by the experience in a positive way.  We also offer classes and courses if you would like to take your experiences to a new level and learn how to do them for yourself and others.  We are continually exploring and learning new modalities so that we can offer you the most robust portfolio of services possible.

Consider starting with a Personal Elemental Analysis or participate in one of your multiple Elemental Offerings and Rituals that we host throughout the year.

Personalized rituals and or meditations based on your element specific element of Earth, Water, Fire, or Air. These can also be done as group ceremonies or meditations. Contact us for additional information and pricing.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a form of energy work as in “laying on of hands”, that many people are familiar with.  The main difference is that with Reiki there will not be actual touch involved, only the transfer of Universal Life Force Energies. You will receive a personalized combination of Usui, Money, Karuna®, and Sekhem Seichim Reiki systems based on whether you are in need of assistance with Mind, Body, Spirit, or Money challenges.

Lightarian Programs™

Lightarian Angel Track™

Angel Links™, a series of connections to 5 levels of Angelic Energies, followed by the Purification Rings™ which are a series of 6 connections to the Seraphim, the highest levels of the Angelic Realms. Purchasing the all 5 of the Angel Links™ or all 6 of the Purification Rings™ at the same time will entitle you to a 10% discount on each. Discuss this with us after your first session and determine if this option is right for you. Once you receive a Link or Ring you will be able to share it with others to pass on the healing.


Lightarian Ascended Master Track™

Lightarian Rays™, a series of connections to 5 levels of Ascended Master Energies, followed by the Clearing Rays™ which are a series of 6 clearings of dense programs running in your energy field. Purchasing the all 5 of the Empowerment Rays™ or all 6 of the Clearing Rays™ at the same time will entitle you to a 10% discount on each. Discuss this with us after your first session and determine if this option is right for you. Once you receive a Ray you will be able to share it with others to pass on the healing.

 Lightarian Reiki™

 Lightarian Reiki™ is the most powerful Reiki currently available.  In order to be able to access these high vibrational energies you should already be a Karuna® Reiki Master.  If you are already a Usui Master, just not a Karuna® Master you can be attuned once you have the Buddhic Boost.


Akashic Records Readings & Clearings

Personal Akashic Record Readings & Clearings

Soul Profiles, Life situation readings, Chakra Analysis, Discovering Blocks & Restrictions, Life Lesson Readings, Relationship Readings, Discover how to work with your Spirit Guides, Spirit Guide Coaching, Understanding your Divine Soul BluePrint, Clearing your Divine Soul BluePrint, Working with Parallel Timelines, 3rd Dimensional Clearings, Intuitive Points of Access, Learning your Manifesting BluePrint, Readings for potential Future Outcomes. Readings for Pets, Personal Property, Vehicles, and Houses/Property are also available.


Business & Financial Abundance Akashic Record Readings

Let us help you understand your current business and a business idea from the viewpoint of the Akasha Includes topics such as, an Introduction of your Entrepreneurial style, the Soul BluePrints of the business owners, the Birth of the Business and it’s Energetic Set-up, Energy flow and analysis, Product/Content/Service/ Delivery analysis, Marketing, Sales, Contributors, and Business Systems.

Property Services

Space Clearings:

Remove the energetic clutter and stuffiness from your home, vehicle, office, or property.  We use a combination of Reiki Energies, Sound, Smudging, and Akashic Record Property Clearing processes to clear your space.


Space Planning & Design Consultation:

Allow us to see your space and make recommendations of how to improve the function of the space and how you feel and perform while in it.  This evaluation can be done in your home or office, via Skype/Zoom, or through pictures.


Retreats & Travel Experiences

Let us assist you with all of your travel planning needs regardless of where you are traveling.  We do it all, hotels, rental cars, trains, planes, cruises, escorted tours, all inclusive, visits to sacred sites, Luxury, holiday trips, family reunions, quick getaways, pre-wedding, honeymoons, baby-moons, anniversary, business, and any other type of trip you may need to make.  In addition, we can assist you with day trips, concert, sporting, and show tickets and one of a kind excursions at your destination.  Contact us today for a no cost/no obligation review of your travel needs.  Select a New Client Consultation to get started.

Spiritual Coaching

Learn who to communicate with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides and use their insight to make changes in your life.  Sessions can include guidance regarding general life struggles, building self-worth, stress management, bringing in abundance, implementing a healthy lifestyle, creating harmonious relationships and more.