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Have you ever stopped to wonder why sometimes places or things feel good and other ones feel off or bad? Why you pick one item over another even if they are identical, or should I say they appear to be identical? No two things are ever identical, even if they look the same from the outside. Houses built to the same exact specifications in the same neighborhood on the same size lot are not identical which is why a prospective buyer may love one and not the other.

Land, homes, condos, apartments, businesses, vehicles, boats, are no different than people. They are all made up of energy and as such, are influenced by the energy around them. Each of them also has an Akashic Record that stores all of the information pertaining to the property or vehicle from an energetic level. What this means is that the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of people who interact with properties or vehicles are left behind and become part of their energetic makeup, and this is what gets recorded in the Akashic Record.

For example, the energetic resonance of the people living in a home becomes a part of that home and the land that the home was built on. Over time energies build up and can be felt by the people interacting with the property or the vehicles, whether they realize it or not. Both positive and negative energies are recorded and can be felt by everyone who comes in contact with the property or vehicle.

The lingering effects of past arguments, negative emotions, fear, anxiety, stress, and trauma can’t be smudged away. They can only be identified, healed, and released by a deep clearing of the property’s or vehicle’s Akashic Record. Removing the negative resonance allows for new, more positive energies to anchor in.

Service Details

Property and Vehicle Clearing are done remotely via email. Within 3 business days of receiving your request the property or vehicle’s Akashic Record will be opened and reviewed. I will identify the negative energies, entities, portals, curses, and other influences impacting the property or vehicle. Next, I will work with my Guides in the Akashic Records, the Land Spirits, Angels, and Ascended Masters to remove the negativity and heal the wounds left behind. I will then reset the energetic imprint to reflect positivity and add new layers of protection. You will receive an email with a written report of my findings and the actions that I took. If there is an urgent need for the clearing you may send an email alerting me to the reason for the urgency.

For Land and Structures of any type, the requestor of the clearing must be the owner or leaseholder. The full address will need to be provided so that I can locate the correct Akashic Record.

For Motorized Vehicles of any type, the requestor of the clearing must be the owner or leaseholder. The vehicle type and identifier (vehicle identification number, license plate number and/or registration number) will need to be provided so that I can locate the correct Akashic Record.

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