Hi this is Deb.  Today is a huge day for Kerrie and I.  Today is our website launch day.  We have been working on our site for a long time and today it is finally being born. This has been a labor of love and has tested us both in ways that I could not have imagined several months ago.  We are each strong women, with very different approaches to life, passions, and desires that had to be melded together to bring this website to life.  It was easier to launch our companies than it has been to launch our website, which may sound odd.  In reality, it makes perfect sense.

You see, both my daughter and I like to be in control of things and to be able to influence the opinions of others.  I guess you could say we each like being right!!! Controlling the direction of our company on paper and in our minds has been fairly easy to do.  We could each have the end result that we wanted and there was little risk of us not getting exactly what we wanted.  This would have continued working out fine for us if we were already in the 5th Dimension and there was no need for money in our society.  Given that we are not quite there yet, having a company that functions more on paper than in practice doesn’t get us where we need to be and doesn’t allow Kerrie or I to spread our messages to the world and help others navigate the terrain of self development.

Launching our website makes this entire endeavor very real.  Our business is now a tangible, entity with a life of it’s own.  In many ways this is like having a baby.  You go through all of those pre-birth months planning and wondering and in reality you have no clue what you are getting into.  Not knowing where this is going is terrifying…there I said it…I am terrified !!!!  I am vulnerable, naked, afraid, and have put myself out in front of a world that is not always kind and forgiving.  This has been extremely difficult for me to take the leap of faith and get out of my own way.  Having spent my whole life striving to be the “good girl”, “turning the other cheek”, and jumping from one pre-approved box to another I am finally ready to take the risk, jump off the ledge and fly to new heights.  

Today, I am also realizing how much more there is for me to learn about myself and that personal development doesn’t stop when you put yourself out there as a teacher or mentor for others.  The only way we stop evolving into the best version of ourselves is if we choose to stop evolving.  We are each here to learn from each other and to pass on what we have learned to each other.  

I can also say that I am very excited about bringing Elevated Wisdom and Elevated Explorer to the public.  We have many different types of learning opportunities on a wide array of topics to help you see the world and mankind from new angles and energy perspectives.  My hope is that we can help you, help your self and that we can all grow as a result.  I believe that our personal and planetary ascension into the 5th Dimension is grounded in love and will open to us as we embrace new thoughts and ideas on how we can tap into the energy that is all around us.  

Namaste !!!

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