Tucson Gem Show Mystery Box


Mystery Box

Claim your 2023 Tucson Gem Show Mystery Box today!!! This is a Very Limited One-of-a-Kind Offering!!!

We will hand-select the best ethically sourced crystals and minerals that the largest Gem Show in the US has to offer!!!

Tucson Gem Show Mystery Boxes are only available for a few weeks this year!  Your Box will be a unique selection of crystals, gemstones, rocks, fossils, and/or metaphysical tools intuitively selected specifically for YOU!  The value of the items in your box will exceed the amount you invest.

***How High are You willing to Go***

Our "Earth" Box is $35.00 and ships for a flat fee of $5.99 in the US!

Our "Moon" Box is $75.00 and ships for FREE in the US!

Our "Sun" Box is $125.00 and ships for FREE in the US!

Our "Star" Box is $200.00 and ships for FREE in the US!

Time is limited!  Orders will only be accepted for these one-of-a-kind Mystery Boxes through February 13th.  

We will be at the Tucson Gem Show for 8 days beginning 1-24-23 and will specifically curate items for your box while we are there and ship your box out the second week of February.  Boxes ordered after our return will be filled with items we intuitively select for you from all of our special Tucson finds and will be shipped following our normal fulfillment process.

Our Certified Reiki Master Teacher will clear all items in your Tucson Gem Show Mystery Box and infuse them with High Vibrational Reiki Energies prior to shipping!!!

Please note: Your box will be unique with the crystals intuitively selected for you, so colorations, sizes, etc will be varied. Expect to be surprised by a variety of crystal/mineral types in different shapes and sizes. Some metaphysical tools may also be included.

Special requests cannot be honored for these boxes.