Back in July, We took the leap and launched our website.  This was a milestone event for our relatively new company and a long overdue public proclamation that we were really a company.  While we were both scared out of our minds and excited about what the future would hold for us we knew that the time had come for us to step off the ledge.  Each of us was ready to embrace the future that we knew awaited us and do it in public view.  Since that day in July we have had several stops and starts,as well as a few unexpected detours.  While each of the challenges that popped up could have caused us to stop what we were striving for and allowed us to opt for the familiarity of our previous lives, neither of us wanted to quit.  Rather the things that we faced gave us an even bigger reason to make our dreams come true.

Life is to short to stay on the same old path, especially if that path is going no where.  Why stay on a path that does not bring you joy, happiness, and fulfillment each and every day?  The journey that you take through life should be one that you find interesting, that allows you to grow, that brings a smile to your face, and a sings a song that your soul recognizes.  The path that we are on has led us in the direction of the creation of the ElevatedWisdom store on Etsy, Pinterest Page,a Facebook page and a revamped website that is now ready to be launched.  Our website now includes a Market Place of handcrafted goods, jewelry, divination and smudging supplies, crystals, Himalayan salt items, and other items to assist with your own journey.  We have incorporated a booking calendar so that you can reserve the date and time that you would like for your personalized service to be held.  Classes will begin in January and retreats start in February and you can reserve your spot in each directly from the site now. This coming week will be when our Instagram and Twitter account are activated and 2019 will kickoff with our first full course being offered that will be managed through our new membership area on the site.  We are ready to help you put together personal or business gatherings and travel experiences.  We are ready to fly and hope that you are too.

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