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Learn from your past incarnations, and clear the path for the future.

We are currently closed as we find our way forward after the lose of Elevated Wisdom's owner, Debra Clift Carter. Her wisdom and teachings will live here. So please continue to explore and find the answers you've been looking for. Blessed Be✨

Open up to the magic inside of you.

Experience profound shifts with various modalities of energy work.

Learn to manifest the life you desire.

Clear obstacles from your past obstructing your present.

Open yourself up to fully understand your limitless potential.

Follow a guided personal development path created just for you.

Surrender. Be changed for the better with the Elevated Wisdom experience.

The Most Popular Services We Offer

Realign your energies and find peace within your soul.

Rediscover yourself at the soul level. Gain insights into who you are and what your purpose & mission are for this incarnation.

Center yourself, achieve a sense of well-being and, discover your Divinity, receive the transfer of Universal Life Force Energies.

You’re a click away from a powerful celestial connection. Stimulate an awakening process & enhance your spiritual development!

Our shop hosts a large variety of healing stones and crystals suited for every need.

Pamper your mind, body & soul.

Rid your life of negative energies holding you back and embark on a journey filled with happiness, peace, and tranquility. Each soul is unique in its own special way. Our crystals, courses, classes, and services are personalized to offer you the most enriching and relieving experience. Everyone needs a dose of Elevated Wisdom in life.

How Debra’s impacted the lives of others. Hear it from them!
How Debra’s impacted the lives of others. Hear it from them!
“Debra is the epitome of wise woman. She carries an air of mother to all and is able to easily bring people into her warmth to help them on their journey. She cleared the space at our business after we had a narcissist employee who took advantage of us. There was a noticeable difference in the energy there after she did so. I have no doubt that beyond that person’s energy; there was a deeper cleaning that happened thanks to Debra."
— Cathryn
How Debra’s impacted the lives of others. Hear it from them!
“You are an inspiration! The Money Reiki course has taught me to view finances differently and begin to heal my own issues with money. Your success is a testimony in itself to the truth of the powers and skills you possess. Of course, having worked with you in other areas such as Reiki and Readings, I already knew of your gifts.”
— Michelle
How Debra’s impacted the lives of others. Hear it from them!
“Deb has a passion and knowledge that is profound. Whether it was an Akashic Records reading, helping to clear negative unjustified Karma, releasing negative entities, clearing my property & closing portal ways on the land, or a much needed Reiki session Deb was committed to helping me understand the process and she answered all my questions in a manner that I could comprehend. Deb is truly a gem and I’m not certain what I would do without her in my life. She is definitely one of the brightest stars in the sky!”
— Kathy