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The human life—a unique journey experienced by all, and no two are alike. Our earth voyages have, at times, been easier and other times, more challenging. Today, more than ever, many human souls are questioning the “whats”, “whys”, and “hows” of our very existence. Your divination to learn more and find your true calling has led you here. Welcome to Elevated Wisdom.

Working through a series of thought-provoking classes, services, or courses and exploring various forms of energy work, we hope to open your mind to the collective knowledge housed here on earth and across the universe. There’s so much untold, unexperienced, and undiscovered.


You’re a click away from clearing your path free from obstacles (past and present) and liberating yourself from the struggles of daily life. Join us and unlock the limitless potential you possess as a child of the universe!

The Mind Behind The Wisdom

Debra has envisioned a future where human souls align their energies and can identify their true calling: free from the weight of daily life.

Debra Clift Carter

A college education & well-paying job were a taste of the ‘American Dream’ for Debra; until she realized she was overworked, miserable, and empty inside. When she decided to put herself first and forget the 15-hour workdays, Debra found her awakening.


Undergoing an extensive healing journey, she’s dedicated her life to becoming the best person she could be. Mesmerized by energy work and how it can be used to help us achieve our desires, Debra is now a qualified Soul Alchemist, Akashic Records Gatekeeper, and Reiki Master Teacher.

If you’re in need of some soul searching and energy realignment, you’ll be in great hands with Debra.

Helping You find your Magic

Debra is here to help and guide you along your journey as you seek change and growth, knowledge and understanding. Come explore your boundless potential✨