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Akashic Record Readings

What is it?

Every soul that has ever been, currently is, and is yet to be has its own Akashic Record. The moment your soul was created, so were the first words in your Akashic Record. Each lifetime is like a chapter in the story of your soul. An Akashic Records reading can give you insight on what is occurring in your life right now and how it may have been impacted by similar situations in your previous lifetimes.

What can it help you with?

With your permission, Debra can access your Records. Once you know what your Records read, you can make conscious decisions to change your future to live a life on your terms. Discover how negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you’ve carried over from lifetime to lifetime could be the root causes of issues you suffer from today. 

Once you know what is causing the issues that you are experiencing and you give Debra permission she will clear the negativity and free you from its effects. This gives you the freedom in this lifetime to incorporate new patterns of thoughts and behaviors in this lifetime that better service your greatest and highest good.

Extra info:

Readings can focus on:


Blocks to personal power


Problem focused

Health & wellbeing

& much, much more.

Lightarian™ Programs

Via zoom or in-person

What is it?

A celestial awakening is upon you. Each course supports your spiritual transformation: your beyond-human abilities and healing potential will be unlocked.

What can it help you with?

Feel unknown energies rush through your vessel, allow them in; positive changes to your spiritual and personal life are on their way.

Extra info:

We currently offer 5 Lightarian™ programs:


Lightarian Angel Links™

Lightarian Purification Rings™

Lightarian Empowerment Rays™

Lightarian Clearings™

Lightarian Reiki™

Reiki & Energy Work

Via zoom or in-person

What is it?

While some of our services are interactive, others take a more passive (relaxing) approach. Absorb positive energies transmitted to you from Source via Debra.

What can it help you with?

Feel enlightened and changed for the better after this service. Non-invasive & non-contact, this personalized service will aid you in centering yourself, finding your well-being as well as making peace from within and with other souls. By the end of the session, you may experience some of the following:


- a burst of energy

- diminishing pain

- clearer vision

- a release of emotions (let them be free!)

- a state of balance

- & much, much more.

Extra info:

Service options:



Remote with intuitive guidance

Remote pet/animal

 In person

In person with intuitive guidance

Remote past life regression

In person past life regression

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