Amber Beaded Bracelet- 6mm

By MomMom

Stunning golden AA-grade Amber from the Baltic! Beautifully handcrafted 6mm Amber beaded bracelets, made in-house with love.

-Metaphysical meanings- Inner Freedom, Solar Energy, Release Fear, Protection, Good Luck, Longevity, Life Force, Healing

-Chakra: Solar Plexus 

-Element: Fire & Akasha

-Planet: Sun

-Energy: Projective

-Zodiac: Leo & Virgo

-Deity: The Great Mother (Archetype), Demeter (Greek) & The Morrigan (Celtic)

We will intuitively select the perfect Amber bracelet just for you, then our Certified Reiki Master Teacher will clear it and infuse it with High Vibrational Reiki Energies!!!

Coloration varies by the bracelet. The pictures are representative of our current inventory and the piece(s) that you will receive.

The bracelets stretch to accommodate most. We can customize if you need a smaller or larger than average size.