Smoky Quartz Beaded Bracelet- 6mm

$15.00 $24.00
By MomMom

Fabulous Smoky Quartz bracelets for the Scorpio or Capricorn in your life, or anyone who needs grounding or protection! These 6mm handmade beaded beauties are made in-house with love and have been cleared and infused with Reiki energies by our Certified Reiki Master Teacher.

The bracelets stretch to accommodate most. We can customize if you need a smaller or larger than average size.

-Metaphysical meanings- Calm, Grounding, Anti-Anxiety, Manifestation, Transmutation, and Dispels Negativity
-Element: Earth
-Planet: Saturn
-Energy: Receptive
-Chakra: Root

Comes nicely packaged in a velvet bag and kraft box; ready to keep for yourself or give as a gift!