Akashic Records Reading and Clearing


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What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is the etheric repository of information on every being and everything that ever has been, currently is, and is yet to be. The Akashic Records are found in the 5th Dimension and are an etheric library where all past and present information, as well as potential future outcomes, are stored. The Akashic Records are overseen by The Lords, Masters, and Keepers and can only be accessed by those to who you have given permission to do so. These are sacred files that can only be viewed on a need-to-know basis by someone that you trust to read them for you.

The moment your Soul was created so were the first words in your Soul Story. A story that has been added to every minute of every day, of every lifetime you have ever lived. Each lifetime is like a chapter in your storybook where you play the hero/heroine or the villain/villainess. All events and experiences along with thoughts, feelings, beliefs, obstacles, vows, patterns, and more are noted in your Akashic Records. There is no judgment of a lifetime in the Records, simply a recording of what transpired.

Everything that exists has a Record in the Akasha. This means that your home, the land it sits on, your pet, the squirrel in the park, and the car parked across the street all have an Akashic Record.


What are the Benefits of an Akashic Records Reading and Clearing?

An Akashic Records Reading can provide you with insight into who you are at a Soul Level, why you chose to incarnate on Earth this time, what your purpose and mission are this time around, and what is blocking you from having the best life you possibly can.  Once you know what is in your Records then you can make decisions on what needs to change so that you can live life on your terms.  In many cases, there will be patterns of negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that carry over from lifetime to lifetime that are the root causes of current issues.  This negativity can be transmuted and cleared as part of your session.  

Anyone that is doing Soul Level work in their Akashic Records in this lifetime has heard an internal calling that is telling them that now is the time to wake up from the slumber imposed on all of us by the 3D world. We are being called to wake up and realize that we have been dozing off while reading and writing our Story and we can do something different this go-round. For millennia we have written chapters in our Story where we repeat the same, negative patterns over and over again. Sure we may swap roles and in one chapter be the man and in the next the woman, no matter what roles or countries, or jobs we switch up, the outcomes have been the same. The reason for this is that each of us has been swapping out the same, wrong things. You see, it doesn’t matter if you are the parent or the child, the king or the pauper, the only time the outcome will change is when you decide that you are ready to start honoring your Divinity and Speaking Your Truth. Now that you are awake in this lifetime and aware of what you need to do you have the opportunity to make new choices, follow through on new decisions, and break the cycle of negativity that has been documented over and over again in your Soul Story.

The first step in the process is recognizing that you have the power to make the changes and the second step is actually doing something about them. By taking charge of your own life and living life on your own terms you change the cycle and can begin a new cycle with positive patterns for your Story. The next step is to go back into your Akashic Records via a Reading with a qualified Akashic Records Practitioner and identify the negative patterns that you have created that need to be healed. As you clear the negativity and allow the old patterns to drain out of your experience you free yourself and the others in your Story from the hold that these patterns had over you.

Deb is able to access your book, read it, and provide you with information that your Soul is ready for you to know.  A Records reading can help you discover who you are at a Soul Level, why you do the things that you do in this lifetime, what your negative patterns of behavior are and so much more.  Learning about your Soul will give you information that you need to make new choices going forward so that you can bring in more energies that serve you verse those that do not.

As part of your Reading, you will also receive an Akashic Records Clearing.  This is a process where I go into your Records and release and transmute the negatively that was uncovered during your Reading which is done outside of our time together.


There are many types of readings that can be done including:

Relationship Focused-  Are you having issues with your significant other, family members, friends, work associates, neighbors, bosses, and or teachers that you can’t seem to solve?  Are your relationships getting worse instead of better?  Do you move from one bad relationship to another?  Do you seem to attract toxic people where ever you go?  Would you like to shift your relationships into the more positive and uplifting territory?

Blocks to Personal Power- Do you feel unworthy?  Do you feel that the game is stacked against you?  Are your boundaries non-existent or full of gaps?  Are you unable to speak your truth?  Do other people easily intimidate you?  Would you consider yourself weak and ineffectual? Are you your own worst enemy?  Does life seem to happen to you, not for you?

Financial/Abundance- Does money seem to slip through your fingers?  Do you think of money as being dirty or evil?  Are your finances a mess?  Does your money run out before all of your bills are paid?  Would you consider your relationship with money to be a complicated one?  Do you have money and still feel poor?  Does it seem like you will never get ahead?

Problem/Life Situation Focused- Is your life like a parade of problems?  As soon as one issue gets resolved does another one take its place?  Does it seem like other people's problems become your problems? Does everything seem to break at the same time?  When it rains, does it pour all over you?  Do you feel like you have a target on your back?

Health and Wellbeing- Do you get sick a lot?  Do you have chronic illnesses?  Are there family health patterns that you have bought into?  Are you accident or injury prone?  Have you been accused of being a hypochondriac?  Would you like to feel more comfortable in your body?  Do you feel run down and in need of an energetic reset?

Soul Story-  Are you curious about the origins of your Soul?  Do you want to know about your energetic makeup?  Would you like a better understanding of your life lessons, purpose, and mission?  Would getting to know yourself at a Soul level help you fit the pieces of your life together?  Are you looking for a place to start your Soul journey but unsure of where to start?

Meeting your Spirit Guides-  Would you like to get to know your Spirit Guides?  Would you like to know how to communicate with your Spirit Guides?  Are you ready to actually take the advice of your Spirit Guides?  

Spirit Guide Coaching- After you have met your Guides you can continue to work with them through coaching sessions directly from your present life Akashic Records.  Your Guides have access to the most up-to-date information contained in your Records to help you achieve your goals and desires in the easiest and most efficient way possible.  Other coaching programs have you do the work that your coach wants you to do.  Wouldn’t you rather follow the guidance of your Spirit Guide team who only has your best interest at heart?

Inner Child, Shadow Work, and Soul Retrieval-  Is there work to be done to heal your inner child?  Is he/she ready to come out of the shadow and heal from the pain and trauma that caused him/her to hide?  Are you ready to look into the shadows and heal the pain that your inner adolescent, teen, young adult, and adult have disconnected from?  Do you have fragments of your Soul that disconnected during these traumas that need to be retrieved and reintegrated?

Entrepreneur/ Small Business-  Would you like to start your own business?  Do you have your own business and want it to be more successful?  Are you playing small?  Are you sabotaging your business or allowing it to grow and prosper?  Would you like to heal yourself and heal your business at the same time?  Would you like to know what can be changed in your business that could make it more successful?  Are you ready to make it bigger than you ever dreamed was possible?

Land/Homes/Offices/Personal Property/Vehicles- Does your home feel yucky?  Do things go bump in the night?  Do you see obs or feel the presence of other beings?  Does the energy of your space feel heavy?  Are there a lot of people who share your space?  Are things in your space breaking down or are they in need of maintenance or repair?  Do accidents, storm damage or vandalism seem to seek you out?  Do you feel uncomfortable and unable to relax in your space?

Pet and Other Animals-  Are your pets displaying unusual behaviors?  Has your pet recently been ill or gotten injured?  Do you own, ride, or show horses?  Are you curious about the animals that are in your life?  Do animals seek you out?  Do you live on a farm or make your living with animals?