Aragonite Star Clusters


These beautiful reddish-brown Aragonites from Morocco are also known as Star Clusters.  These crystals can assist with the healing and balancing of one's emotional body.  They are also known for aligning with Self-Love, healing & regenerating bone, increasing vitality & stamina, releasing pent-up emotions related to old wounds & traumas, as well as pain & fear.  An Aragonite facilitates bringing love into the world and providing confidence and compassion.

Allow us to intuitively select a beautiful, one-of-a-kind Aragonite specifically for you.  Our Reiki Master Teacher will clear and then infuse it with high vibrational energies to amplify its power so that it can assist you on your personal journey before loving packing it for you.

Each Aragonite is approximately 1-1 1/2" in length as shown in the pictures of the pieces that are representative of our current inventory. Coloration and size may vary from what is in the picture due to natural variations in the stone.