Blue Kyanite Blades



These spectacular Blue Kyanite Blades are available in 4 sizes by weight

Sold by Weight Ranges in grams

Mini = 1g - 2.9g, Small = 3g - 5.9g, Medium = 6g - 8.9g, Large = 9g - 13g

We will intuitively select the Blue Kyanite for you within the weight range you select. The pictures are representative of the piece that you will receive.

-Metaphysical meanings- Love, Meditation, Endurance, Past Life Recall, Psychism, and Telepathy

-Element: Water & Air

-Planet: Mercury

-Energy: Receptive

-Chakra: Third-Eye

Cleared and infused with high vibrational Reiki energies by our Reiki Master Teacher.