Boulder Opal - Australian



These stunning Boulder Opals from Australia are available in 22 unique pieces.  Each is a one-of-a-kind indulgence for the crystal enthusiast.

Specimen A is .7g

Specimen B is 1.0g

Specimen C is 1.1g

Specimen D is 1.1g

Specimen E is 2.4g

Specimen F is 1.6g

Specimen G is 3.8g

Specimen H is 1.3g

Specimen I is 3.2g

Specimen J is 3.2g

Specimen K is 1.5g

Specimen L is 3g

Specimen M is 2.4g

Specimen N is 4.0g

Specimen O is 3.3g

Specimen P is 2.5g

Specimen Q is 6.0g

Specimen R is 4.1g

Specimen S is 9.6g

Specimen T is 7.9g

Specimen V is 5.2g

Specimen W is 15.0g

-Metaphysical meanings- Love, Astral Projection, Psychic Abilities, Manifestation, Beauty, Money, Power, Amplification of Intention, Release Past Trauma

-Element: Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Spirit

-Planet: All

-Chakra: Root & Crown

-Deity: Cupid

Cleared and infused with high vibrational Reiki energies by our Reiki Master Teacher.