Christmas and Yule Crystal Carvings



Holiday Crystal Carvings have arrived.  Get yours now before the Holidays.  These beauties make wonderful decorations, altarpieces, and gifts.

Jade Trees (approx 4" tall)

Moss Agate Trees (approx 2" tall)

White Jade Reindeer (approx 2" tall)

Black Obsidian Reindeer (approx 2" tall)

Black Obsidian Snowman (approx 2" tall)

Lepidolite Snowman (approx 2" tall)

Lepidolite Santa (approx 2" tall)

White Jade Santa (approx 3" tall). Not pictured. Same style as the Lepidolite and Howlite Santas.

Howlite Santa (approx 2" tall)

Rose Quartz Santa (approx 2" tall)

Howlite Father Christmas (approx 2" tall)