Clear Quartz Pyramids


Clear Quartz Pyramids have arrived!

These small pyramids are approximately 1" to 1 1/4" high and across the base and weigh 20g-30g.

We will intuitively select the pyramid for you. Coloration and clarity vary by the pyramid. The pictures are representative of our current inventory and the piece(s) that you will receive.

Cleared and infused with high vibrational Reiki energies by our Reiki Master Teacher.

-Metaphysical meanings- Clearing and Cleansing, Emotional Healing, Programmability, Amplification, Protection, Psychism, Memory, and Power
-Element: Fire & Water
-Planet: Sun & Moon
-Chakra: All
-Energy: Projective & Receptive
-Zodiac: All
-Deity: Artemis (Greek), Brigid (Celtic) & The Great Mother (Wiccan)