Gaia-Earth Goddess Box


The Earth Goddess Box is the latest offering in the Elevated Wisdom Elemental Collection.  We have included representation of the Earth Element and a connection between the Earth and our Universe

    • 1 AAA Grade African Turquoise 10mm bead necklace

    • 1 AAA Grade African Turquoise 10mm bead bracelet

    • 1 Selenite Stick (4" or longer)

    • 1 Raw Chunk of Black Tourmaline

    • 1 Palo Santo Stick (obtained from sustainable sources and collected only from fallen tree branches)

    • 1 AAA Grade Fossilized Coral 10mm bead bracelet to link the Earth to the Stars

Elemental Classifications are Inspired by the Scott Cunningham book "Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic".

Please note: The crystals used in the pictures are examples of what will be included in your gift box.  The actual crystals that will be included will be different due to the unique natural variations in crystal formations and colorations.

Please note:  The African Turquoise and Fossilized Coral handcrafted gemstone beaded necklace and bracelets that are included in the pictures are representative of what will arrive in your gift box. Each necklace and bracelet will be unique due to the natural variations in the coloration of the gemstone used to create the beads.