Hathor Sky Goddess Gift Box


Bring the Sky Goddess Hathor along everyday with Aventurine Jewelry, and Enhance your Divination Rituals with their influence!!!

The meanings of Aventurine are: Mental Abilities, Healing, Money, Peace, Luck

Element: Air

Planet: Mercury

Chakra: Heart

Energy: Projective

    • 1 Three bead AAA Grade Aventurine with an 18" Silver Chain

    • 1 Three bead AAA Grade Aventurine Bracelet (fits most adult wrists)

    • 1 Aventurine Pendulum with a Silver Chain

    • 1 piece of tumbled Aventurine (approx 1.5" x 1")

    • a Kraft Gift Box

All items are cleared and infused with Reiki Energies by our Reiki Master Teacher.

Please note:  The items that are included in the pictures are representative of what will arrive in your gift box. Each stone will be unique due to the natural variations in the crystals.