Hematite Beaded Stacker Bracelet Set or Individual

By MomMom


Introducing 4mm Hematite Beaded Gemstone Stacker Bracelets carrying the energy of Divination.

The Bracelets are packaged in a velvet bag and are ready to keep or give as a gift.

Each of these 3 bracelets has been carefully made with love and comes gift-boxed.

Your Hematite Stacker Bracelet Set contains three 4mm Hematite Beaded Bracelets

You can also get each one of these bracelets individually or a full Divination Set of one each of a Hematite, Tiger's Eye, and Amethyst bracelets to create a multiple gemstone Divination Stacker Set.

Coloration and size may vary from what is in the picture due to natural variations in the stones.

All of the bracelets have been cleared and have been infused with Reiki energies by our Certified Reiki Master Teacher.

-Hematite Metaphysical meanings- Healing, Divination, Grounding, Manifestation, Physical Plane, Self-Forgiveness, Balance Auric Field

-Element: Fire

-Planet: Saturn

-Energy: Projective

-Chakra: Root

-Zodiac: Aries & Aquarius