Labradorite Filigree Pendulum


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Pendulums can be used for a variety of Divination, Dowsing, and Scrying purposes. They can be used to obtain information and insight from your Higher Self, confirm information from your gut feelings, and even from the Akashic Records. Also for use with Chakras, Meditation, Reiki, and other Healing Modalities

These are not your everyday pendulums. Each one is a crystal point capped with an elegant metal filigree casing. The matching metal chain is adorned with three beads.

Take your pick of an antique bronze or silver plated filigree cap and chain.  The coloration of the crystals may vary due to natural variations in the stones.

Each Pendulum has been blessed and infused with Reiki energies by a Certified Reiki Master Teacher and is ready for you to claim as yours.

-Metaphysical meanings- Spiritual Awakening, Aura Protection, Transformation, Confidence, Psychism, Intuition, and Magic

-Element: Water
-Planet: Uranus

-Chakra: Third-Eye

-Energy: Receptive

-Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius & Leo

-Deity: Isis (Egyptian) & Arianrhod (Welsh)

Your Pendulum will arrive in a kraft jewelry box.