Love Mala


Be one of the first to own the newest addition to our Love Collection.  This beautiful Mala has been lovingly made with selected gemstone beads of Amethyst, Moonstone, and Aquamarine.  The 108 beads are hand stung and knotted and accented by a crystal and silk sari tassel in shades of Rose.  In ancient times, Malas were only worn during ceremonies or used during meditations and were reserved for the most spiritually advanced persons.  Today's Malas are available to anyone to wear in their daily life, for special occasions, or during meditation.  No matter when you wear your Mala you will receive the energetic properties of the gemstones and feel the Love.   Each Mala is infused with additional energies of love, happiness, and peace by our Certified Reiki Master Teacher and comes boxed in a Kraft Jewelry Box.

Amethyst Properties: Love, Happiness, Healing, Peace, Dreams, Psychism (Increased Intuition)

Moonstone Properties: Love, Divination, Wisdom, Psychism (Increased Intuition), Protection

Aquamarine Properties: Psychism (Increased Intuition), Peace, Courage, Purification

Notes: The bracelet is sold under a separate listing. The beads used in the Mala will have variations in color since they are made using a natural product.