"Lumps -O- Coal" Stocking Stuffer - Protection Intention Set


The Premium Lumps -O- Coal Intention Set has properties that protect your space from unwanted negative energy.

The crystals are packaged in a small organza bag and are ready to keep or give as a gift. Should you choose to keep them for yourself your new crystals can be displayed separately or together in your home. You can leave them in their bag and transport them easily. The bag will keep them safe and together in your vehicle, tucked away in your desk at work, or readily available in your handbag or briefcase. You can even take them on vacation with you!

Your stationary or traveling Lumps -O- Coal Intention Set contains Four pieces of rough Black Tourmaline. There is one for each corner of your home to create a powerful protective barrier. Each of these stones has been carefully selected and comes gift-boxed.

Metaphysical Meanings:  Protection, Repelling/Blocking Negative Energy, Cleansing, Purification, and Transformation.

Coloration and size may vary from what is in the picture due to natural variations in the stones.

All of the crystals have been cleared and have been infused with Reiki energies by our Certified Reiki Master Teacher.