Moss Agate Puffy Moons



One-of-a-kind Moss Agate Puffy Moons will steal your heart away!

A- Weighs 54.0g and is 42.75mm wide and 55.1mm tall

B- Weighs 75.3g and is 44.67mm wide and 57.28mm tall

C- Weighs 61.8g and is 46.27mm wide and 57.29mm tall

D- Weighs 57.6g and is 45.07mm wide and 54.6mm tall

-Metaphysical meanings- Communication with Nature, Release Negativity, Higher Purpose, Abundance, Persistence, Grounding, Stability

-Element: Earth

-Planet: Earth & Mercury

-Energy: Receptive

-Chakra: Heart & Root

-Zodiac: Gemini & Virgo

-Deity: Demeter (Greek) & Pachamama (Incan)

All of the crystals have been cleared and have been infused with the energies of Reiki by our Certified Reiki Master Teacher and the abundance energies of Money Reiki by one of our Money Reiki Masters.