Peace, Love & Harmony Crystal Grid


The Seed of Life pattern is laser engraved on one side and a Merkaba is engraved on the other in solid pine and establishes the base of our 3 1/2 inches diameter Peace, Love & Harmony Grid. Each base comes with a hand-selected collection of Peace-loving Crystals comprising:

1 Kunzite Generator Peace, Relaxation, Emotional Healing, and Divine Love.

3 Larimar tumbles for Enhanced Communication, Calm, Connect to Goddess Energy, Soothing, and Sacred Energy.

3 Amethyst Tumbles for Divination, Healing, Release, Divine Connection, and Protection.

3 Angel Aura Quartz Points for Amplification, Expanded Awareness, and Power.

3 Peach Moonstone Pieces for Dreams, Inner Peace, Intuition, Self Discovery, and Love.


Our Inspiration for this Peace Love & HarmonyGrid comes from the Scott Cunningham book, "Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic".

Coloration and size may vary from what is in the picture due to natural variations in the stones.

All of the crystals have been cleared and have been infused with the energies of Reiki by our Certified Reiki Master Teacher and the abundance energies of Money Reiki by one of our Money Reiki Masters.