Labradorite Palm Stones


Polished Palm Stones

-approx size: 1 3/4” to 2 1/2”

-Flashy Labradorite Palm Stones!

A beautiful array of blues, greens, purples, & yellows is unique to every crystal.  Known as A Crystal of Magick and Transformation, it is perfect for those seeking Universal Knowledge.

We intuitively select a Palm Stone just for you, then a Certified Reiki Master Teacher will clear it and infuse it with High Vibrational Reiki Energies!!!


-Metaphysical meanings- Spiritual Awakening, Aura Protection, Transformation, Confidence, Psychism, Intuition, and Magic

-Element: Water
-Planet: Uranus

-Chakra: Third-Eye

-Energy: Receptive

-Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius & Leo

-Deity: Isis (Egyptian) & Arianrhod (Welsh)


Packaged in a Kraft box.

The palm stones pictured are representative examples.  The Labradorite palm stone that you receive will be unique based on your stone's exact size and coloration. Each stone is cleared and infused with high vibrational energies from our Reiki Master Teacher.