Reiki, Blue Ray, and Grace Healing Session - 60 minute


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Reiki, Grace Healing, and Blue Ray Healing are forms of energy work as in "laying on of hands", that many people are familiar with.
The main difference is that with Reiki, Grace Healing, and Blue Ray Healing there will not be actual touch involved, only the transfer of Universal Life Force Energies. You will receive a personalized combination of Grace Healing, Blue Ray Healing, and 9 types of Reiki Energies that Deb is attuned to including Usui, Money, Prosperity, Karuna®, Sekhem Seichim, Egyptian, Atlantean, Lemurian and  *Lightarian™.

Deb flows a blend of Reiki, Grace Healing, and Blue Ray Healing customized for your needs (or the needs of your pet) which can help you center yourself, achieve a sense of well-being, tap into your Divinity, and make peace with yourself & others. Your body, mind, and spirit will use the energies for your greatest and highest good. As a result, you may experience some of the following:

*a reduction in pain
*a burst of energy
*a feeling of joy
*a release of emotions
*a higher resolve
*clearer vision
*an awakening
*a strong auric field
*a state of balance
*a higher vibration
*restoration of wellness
*ease of manifestation
*finding the flow of abundance
*transmutation of negativity
*a release of stored traumas
*improved relationships
*and countless other positive shifts in your experience

Your session will be held via Zoom unless you make arrangements upfront to have it in person at 9411 Philadelphia Rd, Suite C, Rosedale, MD 21237

Under separate listings, you will find other session options including sessions that also include intuitive guidance and past life regressions.



Reiki works in conjunction with spiritual practices and other types of healing modalities. It is not a replacement for medical, dental, mental health, or other services that should be provided by professionals in the healthcare industry. Please seek medical attention first.