Reiki Training with Attunements


Type and Level

Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2- Individual Instruction and Attunements
Usui Reiki Master- Individual Instruction and Attunements
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher- Individual Instruction and Attunements

What is Reiki?

In Japanese Rei means spiritual wisdom. And Ki means life energy. Together, Rei and Ki become Reiki, or spiritually-guided universal life force energy.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki re-aligns you with your true path, source, and spirit. During a Reiki treatment, the pure flow of energy is re-aligned within the body. Reiki washes down, clearing obstructions and strengthening the flow of energy. This signifies a connection to the understanding of your purpose on earth and the easiest, most successful way of achieving it, according to The Reiki Sourcebook.

Reiki connects your body, mind, and spirit with the healing energies of the universe. Opening and realigning your Chakras so that you can connect with the powerful energies that lay dormant inside of you.

How is Reiki given?

Reiki is given in person by hovering the hands above the physical body. Reiki can also be done as “distance reiki.” A special Reiki symbol helps send Reiki energy across time and space.

Reiki is a spiritual practice that works in conjunction with religious practices.

Lightarian Reiki™

Prerequisites for taking Lightarian Reiki
™.  There are two prerequisites for taking Lightarian Reiki:  First, you must be a Usui-based Reiki Master/Teacher.  Secondly, you must either have received Karuna-based Reiki 1 & 2 OR the Lightarian "Buddhic Boost."  The Lightarian Buddhic Boost is offered as a means to energetically "bridge the vibrational gap" between Usui-based Reiki and Lightarian Reiki. Receiving the Buddhic Boost will simply and effectively lift your vibration up to the Second Band of the Reiki energies, in preparation for receiving the higher vibrational bands of Lightarian Reiki I & II.
Note: By "Usui-based" we also mean other forms of Usui Reiki Master level, such as Shamballa Reiki and Seichim Reiki.
Personal and Professional Benefits of the Lightarian Reiki Program
As you receive your Lightarian Reiki attunements, progressively deeper levels of personal healing will be stimulated and the vibration levels of your chakras and subtle bodies will be raised.
Your mastery and capability for delivering Reiki healing energies of a higher and finer frequency to your clients will be dramatically expanded.
Your latent spiritual "gifts & talents" may start to manifest and your "sense of self" may expand based on the energetic transformations launched by the Lightarian Reiki attunements.
Following your training, attunement, and certification at each level of Lightarian Reiki, you are energetically prepared to deliver healing treatments to your own clients, and once registered, you can then train/attune your own students at that level.

Money Reiki System- Series of 3 Attunements
This is a 3-part Reiki system that is offered as a bundle. You will receive 3 manuals and attunements to Reiki energies specifically targeted to assist you in getting control of and healing your own relationship with money. As you move from Money Reiki Practitioner, to Money Reiki Master, and finally Money Reiki Grand Master you will broaden your range and be able to assist others with their challenges with money and support the healing of the global financial system.