Gorgeous Smithsonite is available in pink, green, and purple hues.

All pieces weigh between 14g and 35g.

We will intuitively select a piece of Smithsonite in the color selected just for you, then our Certified Reiki Master Teacher will clear it and infuse it with High Vibrational Reiki Energies!!!

Coloration varies by piece. The pictures are representative of our current inventory

-Metaphysical meanings- Release Stress & Fear, Love & Compassion, Balanced Emotions, Cosmic Wholeness, Deeper Perception, Psychic Abilities, Relaxation

-Element: Water

-Planet: Neptune

-Energy: Receptive

-Chakra: All

-Zodiac: Virgo & Pisces

-Deity: Kwan Yin (Buddhist), Wohpe (Lakota) & Athena (Greek)