White Aragonite Cluster


Stunning White Aragonite Clusters add beauty and light to any collection!

Each White Aragonite Cluster is approximately 55mm(21")L x 31mm(1.25")W

-Metaphysical meanings- Universal Consciousness, Spiritual Development, Pure Light Energy, AlignChakras, Earth Link, Patience, Truth

-Element: Air & Earth

-Planet: Earth

-Energy: Projective & Receptive

-Chakra: Root & Crown

-Zodiac: Capricorn

-Deity: Theia (Greek)

We will intuitively select the perfect cluster just for you, then our Certified Reiki Master Teacher will clear it and infuse it with High Vibrational Reiki Energies!!!

Coloration and shape vary by piece The pictures are representative of our current inventory and the piece(s) that you will receive.